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One of Europe’s leading
popular science events

With hundreds of activities and about 70,000 visits The International Science Festival in Gothenburg
is one of Europe’s leading popular science events and the only one of its kind in Sweden.

Public programme 2017: May 10-14

School programme 2017: May 8-19 (See information in Swedish)

Science Communication Forum 2017: May 10

Most of our programme is in Swedish, but we do offer 23 activities in English. Enter “engelska” in the search field for all programme activities.

Free admission to all lectures. You do not need to register – just show up! First-come, first-served.


Trust is the glue which holds all aspects of relationships, economic systems, legal systems and sustainability together. Without trust, everything falls apart. In a globalised world, we are meeting each other much more frequently, and changes are happening at an ever-increasing rate.

We are overloaded with information, we are migrating to a much greater extent than before, there has been an explosion of technology and innovations which are changing the world as we know it. In the final analysis, it is us humans who, as a group and as individuals, have the ability to create systems which are sustainable. Building the walls, roofs and floors of a trustful internal and external world. But how?

Where to find us

The Science Festival takes places in Gothenburg, Sweden. For more general information about the city, see

For a couple of weeks each year the world of science moves on to the streets and squares of Gothenburg. New venues are created where science and the general public can meet. The programme activities take place at more than 30 locations around the city centre.

The Science Festival’s aim is to take science and research to where people are. The programme contents are designed for the different audiences and environments where they take place. During the festival standard lecture-halls are complimented with cafés, shopping centres and outside environments.



The International Science Festival in Gothenburg is one of the founder members of EUSEA – the European Science Events Association. EUSCEA is a European network of popular science events and has more than 100 member organizations from 36 countries.


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